Contact Center Saves 85% of Its Training Budget While Switching to Remote Learning

"What we like the best about ScreenSteps is that the ScreenSteps team is very easy to work with and the application is super easy to use. Making updates to our troubleshooting guides is seamless and working with the team is an absolute dream."

- Operations Director

Training Improvements

Reduction in training budget
Faster training time

The Company: Fortune-500 medical device contact center

This Fortune-500 contact center assists patients and nurses who experience difficulties while using their medical devices or have general questions about their devices.

Their Challenge: Expensive training strategy

Troubleshooting alerts and alarms is a complicated task that requires a lot of attention to detail. Contact center reps needed to know a lot of information and processes in order to help patients and nurses calling about issues with their machines.

This required the contact center to have a rigorous training strategy. The training program the contact center used was expensive and time consuming.

For each new hire, the contact center would fly all of their new reps to a single location for in-class training. New hires would spend six weeks on-location for an intensive training. This was an exhausting and intimidating process for new hires.

Reps were required to memorize complex processes that included asking questions and directing the caller to perform tasks. The pressure to memorize all of these complicated procedures left many new hires physically ill because they were so worried about making mistakes.

Because they needed to memorize so much information, it took 12-18 months to achieve proficiency after training was completed. Reps still relied on supervisors for support on most calls.

The Solution: The Brain

They needed a new training strategy that they could conduct remotely.

That’s when they started working with ScreenSteps.

First, the contact center used their ScreenSteps knowledge base to create hundreds of troubleshooting guides and call flows. They worked with a ScreenSteps content expert to write simplified guides that are easier for reps to follow while they are on a call.

They also optimized their articles and used ScreenSteps robust search engine so that agents would have quicker access to the articles they needed. As soon as a rep determines the purpose of a call, they can type in keywords and, in less than three seconds, locate the correct resource.

With reliable guides available, the contact center then restructured their training program for virtual training. They started focusing training around how to use the knowledge base and guides to find answers. They used the knowledge base to practice real-life calls during remote training.

Internally, the contact center refers to their knowledge base as The Brain. Each time a contact center rep takes a call, their first step is to understand the reason for the call and then find the corresponding troubleshooting guide in The Brain.

The Result: How it changed their contact center training

"We wanted a product to help us increase the proficiency of new recruits coming out of training and ensure that there was consistency across the organization. What we like the best about ScreenSteps is that the ScreenSteps team is very easy to work with and the application is super easy to use. Making updates to our troubleshooting guides is seamless and working with the team is an absolute dream."

Operations Director

With ScreenSteps, the contact center has completely rethought their training process for reps. Instead of flying reps to a single location for in-class training, they now conduct all of their training remotely.

This alone has reduced the contact center’s training budget by 85%.

New reps now initially spend time gaining a basic understanding of medical terminology and device functionality, and then move into learning how to use The Brain.

Reps no longer needed to remember all of the details or decipher the technical documentation because these custom guides navigate reps through all of the questions and tasks to properly troubleshoot each and every call.

Contact center leaders wanted reps to turn to The Brain first when they had questions. At first, some agents were still asking supervisors and co-workers for answers, so the company put into place a “no advice” policy. If one rep asks another rep how to perform a task or how to troubleshoot a specific code, the only acceptable response is “Look in The Brain.”

Before, it could take reps around 12-18 months to develop proficiency in handling calls with consistent quality. Now, reps are able to handle complex calls right after graduating from their six-week training. Their level of proficiency is higher, and it takes less time to get there.

The best part: they’ve completely eliminated any variability (and, in turn, risk) when a rep takes a call. Because each rep is following the exact same guide or call flow, each rep is troubleshooting error codes the same way.

This has resulted in better risk compliance, better performance, and money saved.

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