Built-in documentation tools encourage collaboration while making workflows and assignments easy to track, organize and manage. 

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One Application

Use One Application from Start to Finish

ScreenSteps not only enables you to create visually appealing material, but also lets you do it within one application and in one file. With its built-in documentation tools, you no longer need to jump to separate software platforms for screen capturing, image editing, word processing and document transferring. This process significantly minimizes the amount of energy required by each support article you create, letting you focus on expanding your knowledge base. Additional mechanisms—such as assigning an article's owner, tracking an article's status and storing revisions—make collaboration easy and authoring workflows manageable.

Edit Finished Articles and Stay Up to Date

Using separate software platforms can make the process of updating support documentation as lengthy as creating the originals. ScreenSteps' documentation tools allow you to keep up with the evolution of your product in near-real time. Stored source images and the ability to capture and replace screenshots inline keep articles helpful even when they require amendments. When you're ready, our collaborative back-end structure automatically stores revisions and publishes content exactly where your customers seek it. You can even export manuals to PDF, Word or HTML files, catering to your clientele.