A comprehensive web-based application allows ScreenSteps to handle the creation process for user documentation from the first draft through publication.

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update existing content

Update Existing Content with a Few Clicks

Editing documentation to align with upgrades is no longer a hassle. The release of new features or improvements to old ones is easy to incorporate into your how-to guides thanks to one-click image replacement. Our functionality also stores source images and automatically keeps revisions for easy editing.

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Publish and Optimize Your Documentation

With ScreenSteps you can make an entire knowledge base without knowing how to build a website, as we take care of site structure, viewing permissions, search functionality and publishing. You can even design the knowledge base to match your website for a seamless experience and export guides in various formats.

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collaborate clearly

Collaborate Clearly with Workflow Tools

Our two-in-one solution comprises a powerful desktop authoring tool, where you capture screens and edit images; and a web-based application for managing your content. The ScreenSteps platform's back-end is designed to encourage collaboration, as it manages workflows and assignments through author permissions and notifications.

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Create Step-by-Step User Documentation

Create better content in less time, as ScreenSteps automatically organizes your screenshots into a visual how-to article. Just add titles, text descriptions and annotations where you see fit. With the click of a button, you can create a site page that demonstrates how to use your product, one answer at a time.

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