Revenue: $10 Million
Headquarters: Provo, UT

The Challenge

BambooHR was seeing a lot of growth, and knew that as they gained more customers, they would need to support them. They decided to plan ahead and beef up self-service, which would enable them to effectively handle growth. 

In the beginning, Maria just used Zendesk to write the help articles – but she didn't just want to write articles that looked like a wall of text.

“When people see a wall of text, they sort of shut down. We wanted to create documentation that was nice to look at and easy to follow.”


The Solution

So BambooHR started using ScreenSteps to write documentation that customers would actually want to read, using lots of screenshots to walk customers through workflows and answer questions.

Not only were the articles more visual, but they also took a lot less time to create. Maria explained, “The speed at generating content is incredible. The ability to take, modify, and edit images is just wonderful.”

ScreenSteps also made collaboration easy, and enabled Maria's team to quickly create beautiful, visual documentation that was easy for customers to consume.


The Results

BambooHR continues to grow and improve their service, and the team has been able to keep up with the changes in software with some key ScreenSteps features.

But most importantly, BambooHR is able to provide the best customer experience with up-to-date documentation, serving its customers with the help they need, when they need it.

Our Happy Customers
left quote

ScreenSteps is awesome for updating and collaboration.

It makes images easy to adjust and replace. Articles are easy to update and push. Collaboration is much easier, and it᾿s really apparent who needs to do what.

right quote

- Maria Petersen, Director of Customer Support