Does Your Business Need Better Training or Something Better than Training?

So many people we talk to tell us that they need better training in their business. But I'm not sure they are totally correct. In many cases I think they really need something better than training.

This week I came across a 18 month old post on LinkedIn:Better-Training.jpg

L&D Job Role changes

Clark Quinn from Quinnovation has a graphic that outlines the evolution that Learning and Development professionals need to go through to serve the needs of a modern workforce.

I also read this post from Jane Hart at Modern Workplace Learning: 

L&D’s biggest challenge and greatest opportunity: letting go

Both articles point to the need for us to redefine what great trainers or L&D professionals do. Many people get into these roles because they are great teachers. But to really bring about organizational change we don't need great teachers - we need great enablers.

  • Enablers provide resources, not just lectures.
  • Enablers see gaps and create solutions, not just classes.
  • Enablers don't just teach classes, they empower people.

Enabling and empowering is so much more than teaching - and so much more challenging. But it is where the real impact is. There certainly is a rewarding feeling when you complete a class or a training and someone says to you, "That was great." But the real reward to yoru organization comes when you see them applying the skills you are trying to teach.

How is your role changing? Are you still just putting together training presentations? Or are you focusing on how to provide the resources that empower your employees achieve success?