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Your all-in-one knowledge hub for employee onboarding & performance support

Reduce employee questions, mistakes, and onboarding time with a knowledge ops platform built for the modern workplace. 


The problem with traditional knowledge base software

Traditional knowledge base software was designed for two things:

  1. Capturing information from SMEs
  2. Storing information in one centralized location

And that's great ... until it's time for someone to actually use that knowledge.

Then it falls short. Documentation is still hard to find and even harder to follow. 

This is because traditional knowledge base software doesn't actually make knowledge useful. It doesn't empower employees to work independently and efficiently, especially in highly complex or changing environments. 


Knowledge doesn’t create value when it's captured or cataloged.

Knowledge creates value when it's used to help users perform tasks & solve problems.

Make your knowledge useful with a platform designed for employee empowerment

The ScreenSteps knowledge ops platform was designed to help organizations onboard and support employee performance, even in the face of complexity and change. Organizations can seamlessly transfer actionable and foundational knowledge to their employees in fast & effective ways.

When knowledge is useful, employees are confident and independent in performing any task or solving any problem. 

What makes a knowledge ops platform different?

What ScreenSteps users are saying

"This platform has been a real game-changer in transforming the way we create and transfer knowledge to support our employees with growing their expertise and know-how to create a remarkable member experience."

— Alaska, Information Technology Support Specialist, connectFirst Credit Union

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"Because ScreenSteps is so easy to use, we have more authors contributing to the knowledge base content. And because it's so fast, we are able to create content in 1/4 of the time."

— Arlen Wilcock, Faculty Technology Consultant, BYU-Idaho

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"For me, it has made a major difference to our day-to-day operations. … ScreenSteps has changed how quickly our technical agents can find targeted guides and resolve issues for our customers."

— Department Trainer, B2B Technical Helpdesk

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"We chose ScreenSteps because it includes knowledge articles, checklists, workflows, training courses, and a Chrome extension. We're constantly using ScreenSteps, and hardly a day goes by without us thinking of new information to add."

— G2 Review

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How to use a knowledge ops platform to effectively transfer complex and changing knowledge


Create and manage digital guides that are easy to find and follow

Create standard articles, interactive checklists, decision trees, and call flows that guide employees through any task, process, or procedure. 

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Access the information you need, right when you need it

Employees use search, the browser extension, and integrations to access digital guides, without leaving the screen or putting customers on hold.

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Make data-driven decisions and notify employees of changes instantly

Usage reports, feedback, and article requests give you real-time insights into exactly how users are using your digital guides and how to improve. Make changes fast and notify users of changes even faster. 

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Train and onboard new hires in 30 days or less

Training courses, videos, and practice scenarios get new hires comfortable with finding and following digital guides in days, not months. Use it for new hire training, re-training, or cross-training. 

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Create and maintain easy-to-use digital guides

Creating digital guides that users can find and follow with ease requires rapid authoring and flexible formatting. With a knowledges ops platform, you can create standard articles, interactive checklists, troubleshooting guides, and call flows. 

Easily assign and collaborate with other authors to ensure your digital guides are always accurate and useful. 

Access information anytime, anywhere

Improve employee confidence, independence, and productivity by enabling them to find the digital guide they need, exactly when they need it, regardless of what screen they're on. 

Use data to make changes and notify users instantly

Make data-driven decisions about digital guides to best support your employees. 

Analytics, feedback, and requests gives you the power to know how to improve your digital guides. 

Once updates are made, send out notifications to users directly in ScreenSteps so everyone is up-to-date. 


Train and onboard new hires in less time

With a knowledge ops platform, new (or tenured) employees can take courses directly in the platform. Then, using the digital guides you've already created, they run through practice scenarios to master how to find and follow digital guides with ease. 

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ScreenSteps Success Story

Fortune-500 Medical Device Contact Center Saves Millions with Call Flows

This medical device contact center used call flows to create interactive troubleshooting guides, giving their reps the consistency and clarity they needed.

The result? $2.3 million saved in the first year alone. 

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