Revenue: $148 Million
Employees: 225
Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

The Challenge


Tucows Documentation Specialist, Isabel, explained that Tucows uses documentation to walk customers through the steps of a process, as well as for support agents to reference while helping customers over the phone.

Since Tucows uses Zendesk to manage its knowledge base and support queries, Isabel began writing articles using the Zendesk editor; however, there were a few problems with this approach.

"Storing images in Zendesk made them difficult to manage, and good luck trying to delete an image! We tried using an FTP upload to make working with images easier, but it was very time-consuming. Plus, formatting in Zendesk was often really challenging."


The Solution

ScreenSteps was a breath of fresh air because documentation could be written with just one application - it took the screenshots, organized them, stored them, and allowed for her to mark them up with annotations as well as write the entire article.

Best of all, it had a convenient integration with Zendesk.


The Results

ScreenSteps opened the way for Isabel to create more content, more quickly.

She finds the "Draft" feature in ScreenSteps especially helpful. When a software update is being prepared, she can spend a few days updating all of the documentation - and when the software is released, it takes just one click in ScreenSteps to publish the updates to those articles.

Our Happy Customers
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ScreenSteps has a lot of options and features to make documentation look professional and polished.

I want my customers to have a great experience when they use our resources and ScreenSteps helps me achieve that. I also love that using ScreenSteps saves me so much time. By letting me add images to my documents right in my workflow and then hosting those images - so I don't have to worry about storing and managing them - I'm freed up to do the work of writing.

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- Isabel Matwawana, Documentation Specialist