Headquarters: Chattanooga, TN

The Challenge

Skuid was looking for some way of creating help documentation. They didn’t have a lot of time and they couldn't spare developer time to build help web pages from scratch.

But Skuid wanted to have robust documentation that people could go to - something that was extensive, that they could add to, and that they could continue tweaking as the product went through changes.


The Solution

ScreenSteps allowed Skuid to create a brandable help documentation site that without requiring developer resources. Skuid authors could be more productive because they could publish help documentation in less time without the need for help from designers or developers.


The Results

ScreenSteps has helped Skuid with both their customer support and inbound marketing. Their help documentation site is keyword rich and helps them generate inbound traffic as Salesforce customers search for solutions to problems that Skuid can solve.

And their customer support is excellent. In their App Exchange listing on Salesforce you can see reviews by customers that talk about how great Skuid's support has been.

Our Happy Customers
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Other solutions are just harder to add on.

It may look easier at first, but if you're looking at something that is extensive and you want it to be sustainable as a small company, I think ScreenSteps really enables you to do that.

Other content management systems don't have the integrated tools that Screensteps has to quickly build step by step help content.

ScreenSteps enables us to create the content we need to really support our product well. We've had lots of people actually become customers because they felt secure with us – they felt supported by us – even though we’re a startup company.

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- Anna Wiersema, Customer Success Representative, Skuid