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Lesson 5 - Make your job aids


In our pretend scenario, we’ve determined that new users aren’t doing the actions because they don’t know how. It’s not a motivation issue, it’s not the environment - it’s a lack of knowledge and skills. 

So in this lesson, we're going to make make a job aid for the actions related to the job "Convert leads to contacts." In this activity, write down how you would go about making a job aid. Not a lengthy explanation, just one or two sentences on how you would approach documenting the actions.


A job aid should show how to do a very specific task, and include the bare minimum amount of information. This is counterintuitive - we typically want include as much information as possible. But for these job aids, I recommend you hold back. Just show the necessary steps to perform the specific actions related to the job.

How to make a great job aid

Making a great job aid isn't as difficult as you might think. Here is a checklist of what to include when making a job aid:


Job aids should focus on actions

Your job aid should focus on helping users do something - not just learn something. Eventually, your Salesforce users will learn a lot through informal training, coaching, and "aha" moments. You don't need to rush it.


Combine job aids

Our methodology recommends that you create a job aid for each action, and then combine those job aids to explain how to do a job. We like this approach because it's good for the novice who needs to be walked through each step of the way, and it's also good for an experienced user who just forgot how to do one action.

If your job aid can't easily be referenced, and users have to go through 200 pages to find the answer to their question, they'll give up.

Now it's your turn

Take a job your new users will be doing and create a job aid for each action, using your favorite documentation application. In the example above, I was using our product, ScreenSteps*; however, you can use anything that can take a screenshot and paste it into a document.

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