Get rid of boring and ineffective PowerPoint meetings.


Develop a plan to turn novice Salesforce users into a competent workforce. 

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Don't bore your users

Do you remember everything you are taught in a PowerPoint?

No. So why would you expect your employees to do the same?

Did you know that attendees can forget up to 90% of what they are taught? Does your training account for this? Or do you just pretend that it won't happen?

We can help you create a training plan that will account for the reality that your users can't possibly retain everything that you will teach them during your live training.

1. We help you come up with a plan

Our approach is simple:

  • Decide what is crucial for them to learn
  • Decide what information they will be able to reference later on
  • Develop a live training approach the focuses on teaching them two things:
    • The crucial principles they need to understand
    • How to access and use the reference information they need.

2. We help you create the reference resources

Our experts will help you create a knowledge base of your Salesforce procedures (i.e. job aids). You don't have to create any of the content. We make the process simple and painless on your end while delivering a world-class knowledge base that can support your training objectives.

How many knowledge bases have died because the documentation lost the energy to keep them up to date? Products change on a monthly or even weekly basis. You need an authoring system that can help you keep pace with the rapid rate of change.

3. We help you develop your training plan

We help you prepare pre-training assignments, PowerPoint decks and activities that will help your users learn and remember the crucial information you need to deliver.

We have all sat through endless PowerPoint presentations showing screenshot after screenshot. But you don't have to inflict that kind of training on your users. Let us help you do something different, something better that will drive real results in your business and make you look like a training superstar.


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