B2B Technical Help Center Decreases Average Handle Time From 20 Minutes to 6 Minutes

“It’s amazing where we’ve progressed in the space of a year. Now, I’d say there’s no going back. This is what we are going to push. Other people are talking about what we are doing because of our use of ScreenSteps.”

— David, Help Center Trainer

Improved Help Center Performance

Articles created in one year
Decrease in Average Handling Time
Faster agent training time
Faster client onboarding

The Company: B2B Technical Help Center

The B2B Technical Help Center for event booking technology supports more than 400 different estates across the hospitality and service sectors. The technology company takes on customers who need to book reservations for events and activities such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, football games, and more. The call center agents provide support to companies using their booking technology.

Their Challenge

The booking technology company had a lot of challenges with taking care of the 30,000 sites and roughly 400 customers it supported.

The customer service team struggled to find the documents they needed on calls with clients. That’s because they were scattered across multiple platforms — the company used SharePoint, Wikipedia, and Heat.

Plus, there was a mishmash of documents (PDFs, Word documents, etc.) that they couldn’t easily find by searching in their systems. When they could find the right document, the information was fragmented. Agents couldn’t rely on the information being correct.

Then they had the issue of training. It was too long. By design, it took three months to onboard a new employee. In reality, it took six months of training to really make an impact. The training problem was multiplied because the help center struggled with staff retention.

Their Solution

The help center needed a way to be more agile — both to support its agents and its customers.

They needed a one-stop-shop for their information. It needed to be:

  • Scalable and manageable
  • Agile to accommodate regular updates
  • Easy to learn
  • Provide quick and easy access for employees to use the guides
  • Have decision branching options

They wanted to pool all the information in one location where they could say, “This is your starting place.” So, they searched for a software solution.

The Result

“For me, it has made a major difference to our day-to-day operations. … Without ScreenSteps, I think our agents would be struggling to follow information at their fingertips.”

— James, Deputy Service Operations Manager


With their ScreenSteps knowledge base, the booking technology call center has organized more than 850 articles to take care of their roughly 400 customers. These articles are hosted in one location where agents can quickly access and use them.

The help center was able to help one of their clients — a large pizza delivery chain — decrease the average call handling time from 20 minutes to 6 minutes.

It is easy for the help center leaders to receive feedback from their agents and use that feedback to update articles. In fact, a common phrase around the help center is, “That should be in ScreenSteps.”

Onboarding new reps is significantly shorter. It takes about two weeks in classroom training.

Plus, it is also faster to onboard their new clients. They can now onboard clients in 2-3 months when before it was 6 months.

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