Fill up your Zendesk Knowledge Base FAST

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Write Help Articles Faster

  • Capture and replace screenshots online
  • Use standardized image annotation presets across your entire team
  • Auto-number step-by-step instructions
  • Publish article text and images with a single click

Write better help articles

Replace lengthy text articles with visually rich step-by-step guides

Collaborate Image

Collaborate With Your Team

ScreenSteps includes tools that make collaboration simple

  • Automatic revision management for all help articles - easily rollback changes.
  • Manage authoring permissions for your whole team
  • ScreenSteps stores source images for all of your articles making updates a snap
  • Assign an owner and status to each article, making your author workflow much more efficient

How It Works

  1. Create a ScreenSteps account
  2. Connect ScreenSteps to Zendesk
  3. Import your Zendesk categories and forums into ScreenSteps
  4. Create new topics or update existing ones
  5. Push the updates to Zendesk and your Zendesk help site will fill with great help articles.
How it Works
Additional Features

Additional Features

ScreenSteps is a single source content authoring tool meaning you can also export your manuals to PDF, Word or HTML files