For the Admins, trainers, and consultants who need to complete the onboarding process, and show new users exactly what to do.

  • Decrease the time it takes new users to be fully functional.
  • Enable each manager, department, and division to create their own, customized onboarding guides that are specific to how they do things.
  • Promote continual learning with training materials that take minutes to create and can instantly be updated.
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No developers required

Your users' training needs are always changing, so you don't have time for somebody else to create an e-learning course. ScreenSteps makes it easy for you to create online job aids to use in your blended onboarding sessions.

More productive users

Focus on creating onboarding guides that help users do what they need to do, so they can be productive right from the get-go. You can even create onboarding guides for operations outside of Salesforce.

Creating content is easy

Stop copying and pasting screenshots into Word. Life is too short to subject yourself to such pain. ScreenSteps integrates everything you need into one tool so you can take screenshots, add annotations and text, and publish it to the web. Creating training guides takes a fraction of the time

Context sensitive help

Why make your users search for your PDF and Word job aids in Chatter or on a shared drive? Instead, Create web-based onboarding guides that are available right inside Salesforce, where your users need them.


I so wish we could have found ScreenSteps before we onboarded our organization onto our new system

Andrew Nilsen, Impact NW
In less than an hour, you can create onboarding material that gets great results

Screen capture and image annotation

One of the biggest pains of making job aids is capturing images and pasting them into Word documents. With ScreenSteps, you will never have to do that again.


Context sensitive help in Salesforce

Want to add some context sensitive job aids to the "Leads" tab? Just tag a ScreenSteps artilce with "Leads". It will automatically show up in Salesforce in the "Leads" sidebar. 


Keep your online manual up to date

Processes change as often as the seasons - which means you always need to update your job aids. ScreenSteps makes a task that used to take days or weeks take only hours.