Our Story

The ScreenSteps documentation tools owe their development to skilled programmers, talented artists and a few enlightening sticky notes.

ScreenSteps is based in McLean, Virginia, with team members—including talented artists and programmers—located throughout the world. The ScreenSteps documentation tools were born of their founders' focus on e-learning. At a time when they consulted for major medical-device manufacturers, they noticed that doctors and technicians weren't reading the documentation that explained how to use the equipment. Instead, they left sticky notes with step-by-step instructions explaining each device's operation process. 

These sticky notes were the prompt that got the founders thinking: When it came to e-learning, there had to be a way to create support documentation that users actually wanted to read. Further, this documentation had to be versatile enough to be placed directly into PDFs, customer emails, help-desk forums and web applications. Taking the idea of the step-by-step lists from the notes, they developed a process that inserted demonstrative screenshots into targeted articles.

The last step was to find a way to accomplish this task with as few headaches as possible. Normally, authoring a single article with screenshots required a separate screen-capture application, image editor, text-authoring tool and FTP client. With this in mind, the ScreenSteps documentation tools were developed so all required steps—including publishing—can take place within one application.